Women's Hurricane Freak of Nature Wetsuit

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Five precision-targeted performance muscle groups, oriented to sustain core strength for long swims.



The Elevation Panels on the Hurricane Freak of Nature are a game-changer. They instantly help the athlete establish perfect body position relative to the surface of the water. When Andy Potts tested the suit, he described the Elevation Panels as “otherworldly effective.”



Designed to support power strokes, prevent water intake, and maximize energy output.



Designed for triathletes from the ground up, the suit is designed to open, reverse and release with extreme ease and speed.



The gold bands on the back and shoulders of the Hurricane Freak of Nature delineate the expanded Range of Motion zones — calculated, calibrated, and repeatedly revised until we reached the absolute limit of positive range of motion. Combined with the stunning 7X stretch factor, there is no question this will be the fastest suit you’ve ever worn.



Deploys the lightest Yamamoto Nano SCS coated 5mm neoprene panels throughout the entire leg, chest and core to raise the swimmer in the water to reduce form drag.



The Hurricane Freak of Nature is armed with our new V-GCP, ROM ZONES which flattens the forearm for the most advantageous engagement, maximizing your effort. You WILL FEEL noticeably more distance per stroke.

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  • Q: Trying to decide what size I should purchase in the women's Feak Of Nature wetsuit. I'm 5'1 and 121 pounds, would I be ok in ordering the womens small? Thanks for the advice, Patty

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