Femme T-72 Petite Goggles

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Swim to your own rhythm with the Femme T-72 Petite Goggles. Specifically designed to fit smaller facial contours, the LGFP goggle is ideal for females and youths. It is engineered with polycarbonate lenses that provide excellent peripheral vision, as well as fog and UVA/UVB protection.

Featuring an adjustable nosebridge and soft, silicone gaskets for fit and comfort, these active goggles are the perfect choice for recreational swimming and moderate fitness regimens.



Channel and ridge system that allows three changeable sizes. Seen on Training and Kids goggles.


Size-Adjustable Nosebridge

Incremental size adjustable nosebridge.



A comfortable and low-profile gasket with excellent suction. A cushion gasket creates a dynamic tension between a swimmers face and the lens that works to maintain a watertight seal.

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Product Questions & Answers (2)

  • Q: The plastic "buckles" for adjustment on the side of the goggles broke just after using it 4 times. I can see that I can buy a kit, but I really only need those T-slot side pieces. Since I bought 3 for my kids, I'm anticipating that all of them will break soon and will like to buy 6-10. I'm a little disappointed about the flimsy plastic and wouldn't have bought them in the first place if I had noticed it. I feel discouraged about buying the whole kit and will appreciate it if you can somehow arrange for me to only but the side pieces.

  • Q: Do different colors, other than clear, change the way you see the water's color underwater?

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