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The Best I Ever Have

Dec 25, 2015 | Posted by A swimmer and a fencer | Gender: Male Sport Interest: Swimming Age: 35-44

This is the most comfortable googles I have so far, swimming laps over an hour wearing it without the usual discomfort on the eye sockets. This is because I can make the straps quite loose at the same time without water leaks.

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Fantastic Goggles!! highly recommended.

Jun 4, 2015 | Posted by Jen | Gender: Female Sport Interest: Swimming Age: 35-44

I love these goggles. As a female swimmer they fit my face with a comfortable seal, and the corrective optical can't be beat.

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I can see!!

Aug 3, 2012 | Posted by CHet

I swim either for recreation or as workout- just starting out on that end. Anyway, the worst thing was swimming with everything in front of me being a giant blur.

I got in the pool, put these on and it was a whole new world! They may not be as exact as my glasses, but I can finally see in the pool!

Just awesome!

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Product Questions & Answers (20)

  • Q: The description says the optic range is from -2 to -8, but the size selection is all positive. Was that meant to be negative?

  • Q: I purchased correction goggles 3 and they are too blurry to see much. Should I order a 2? Let me know

  • Q: If I am a -3.25 in one eye, and a -3.75 in the other eye, should I just split the difference and get a 3.5?

  • Q: If I have an astigmatism, should I get the same power lens or go up or down a diopter?

  • Q: My prescription differs significantly between eyes. Can I swap out the lenses and make these more custom?

  • Q: Is it UV protective? How much percentage of UV protection? Thanks!

  • Q: My 4 year old son wear glasses and is currently taking swim lessons. He has a hard time seeing as he swims. Do you have corrective optical goggles for kids?

  • Q: Do you have + graduation

  • Q: Does the goggle sit on the bone, or does it fit more directly on the eye as in performance models?

  • Q: If i need a different size for each eye, and I purchase 2 different sizes/goggles, are the lenses easily interchangable? Will the functionality of the goggles change or be afffected? Thank you

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