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Men's Hurricane Size Chart

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Problem with sizing chart

Jun 12, 2015 | Posted by T Hoang | Gender: Male Sport Interest: Triathlon Age: 45-54

I am 5'5" 128lbs but could not fit in size XS, while pulling up it stuck at my hip. I returned and asked for size Small instead, unfortunately it also was too tight, I thought I did not know how to put it on so I looked up on youtube where they show a better way of putting a wetsuit. I did that, too. I was sweating out while putting it on so it makes even harder for me…I finally got it onto my body but it was feeling like my blood stops going through my body, I can see veins from my hands puffing up and it was hard for me to breath…I took it off right away. I did not give up…I went down to the Corona Del Mar beach during the weekend to give it one more try in the open water, but I gotta went through the uncomfortable feeling once again and swim back into shore for just after 5 minutes of swimming, ugh…my OCTri race was just one week away. I had no other choice by contact TYR customer service for returning this wetsuit, unfortunately their policy is NOT accepting return after being worn. However, the manager there named Jill made an excellent customer service decision that she sent me a promotion wetsuit in size Small/Med (this size supposed to fit a 5’5” 160-166 lbs or 5’11” 146-152 lbs person), this was a beautiful Hurricane Cat 3 (mine is Cat 1). Once again, this wetsuit chest area even smaller than size Small that I currently had, so no way I can squeeze in that, I looked at these 2 wetsuits in disbelieve. I gave 3 stars because the customer service is exceptional, otherwise TYR would earn 5 stars from me.

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Great first wetsuit

May 25, 2015 | Posted by Pax | Gender: Male Sport Interest: Triathlon Age: 35-44

This is my first wetsuit purchase. I bought it to train and compete in my first triathlon. My first few swims in the wetsuit have been good. It was a little tight putting it on the first time, but has gotten easier. I'm very happy with my purchase. Good quality at a great price!

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Product Questions & Answers (8)

  • Q: I'm 185lbs, and 6'0. I'm trying to determine if I should go with M/L or L sizing because both specifications fit my size description. Please advise. Thanks.

  • Q: how cold can withstand?

  • Q: I am a beginner swimmer. Does the Cat1havemaxallowed buoyancy? The entry 2xu suit advertises this. But I just ordered the TYR

  • Q: How thick is the Cat 1 suit?

  • Q: Your advertising for the Hurricane Cat 1 says that the entire leg, chest, and core is 5mm. Does this include the sides and back of the suit. If not, how thick are the sides and back of the wetsuits. Thanking you Ric

  • Q: Hello, I would like to see if it is OK to use this wetsuit in a pool that has chlorine in it. Thank you.

  • Q: Doing my first tri in June. What to use my new wet suit to practice to have the feel for it and wondering if it was ok to use in salt water for a couple of swims as long as i rinse it off after words?

  • Q: Is the cat 1 wetsuit all #39 or a blend do #39 and # 40?

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