Special Ops 2.0 Femme Polarized Goggles

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Polarized goggles

Jul 22, 2016 | Posted by Lara | Gender: Female Sport Interest: Triathlon Age: 35-44

I love these goggles! They are comfortable AND I can see!

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Snug fit, close to eyes

Jul 21, 2015 | Posted by CN | Gender: Female Sport Interest: Swimming Age: 65+

Sits close to eyes but works for me, as I needed smaller goggles. Easy to clean. Great vision after more than an hour in the water.

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Oct 31, 2014 | Posted by Steve | Gender: Male Sport Interest: Triathlon Age: 55-64

I noticed the polarized lens the second I put them on. Glare from the pool disappeared. Wore them in an open water swim and could see perfectly for 1.2 miles. I have a narrow head so the small size fit perfectly but the straps had to be let out almost all the way and thus the 3 starts on fit.
Great goggles. I will buy again.

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first pair broke, but trying again

Jul 23, 2014 | Posted by swimfast | Gender: Female Sport Interest: Swimming

I really loved these goggles, however when I went to put them on for the fourth time the middle rubber nose part broke. After looking at it it looked alike the rubber was worn and very poor quality hense the 4 star not 5 star rating. However, I am currently buying another pair as they worked really well for open water swimming. I am an average female and the small special ops are almost a little big for my face, so if you are a female order the small not the regular size special ops.

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Product Questions & Answers (8)

  • Q: In the package, what are the 2 small brackets in the ziplock bag for ?

  • Q: Hi Do these come in a large size? Small is throwing me off Will if fit adult

  • Q: If I currently use Nest Pro Nano, would the 'small' version of this goggle be best suited for me?

  • Q: I have a large head and proportionally smaller face. Is the strap smaller on the small size of these too or just the frame and nosepiece?

  • Q: I want to build a custom special ops polarized small. Is that feature available? I notice it's offered for the standard sp ops.

  • Q: What is the recommended method to clean the special ops goggles, inside and outside?

  • Q: Is the strap on the small size shorter than the strap on the standard size?

  • Q: Are these normal sized or small? I own the white/purple in the normal size and am looking to replace them with the exact same pair? The small is too small for my face frame

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