Hydrofoil Ankle Float

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Great for swimmers of all abilities

Jan 7, 2015 | Posted by Swim Coach Lesley | Gender: Female Sport Interest: Swimming Age: 35-44

I manage a pool that services a variety of lap swimmers, disabled patrons and multiple swim teams. We have been "testing" the ankle floats out with many of our lap swimmers and the reviews have all been the same...GREAT NEW PRODUCT! Male lap swimmers report loving the buoyancy and ability to use more core when body rolling; while female swimmers report loving the ease of use and comfort to swim longer distances. The only complaint has been having to alter flip turns to keep your ankles locked into the buoy. As a coach we often use the standard style of pull buoys during breaststroke drills, so I would not want to commit to only having the ankle floats. Personally, I love this product and use it daily when lap swimming for my own workout. The stability it provides is amazing for core strengthening and body positioning/roll. It forces complete upper body and core use only (you cannot sneak in those little assistance kicks). In terms of size, the reviews were mixed. EVERY athlete (including some large, strong men and very fit high school boys-all above the recommended weight limit) we asked to try it out preferred the smaller sized ankle float, reporting that the large one provided too much buoyancy and did not fit their ankles correctly. Even our disable patrons who were using the floats to maintain elongated spinal positioning on top of the water, felt the larger size raised their lower bodies too high in the water. When we purchase a large quantity for our facility and teams, we will only be purchasing the smaller size. Thanks for the new product...good work!

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Dec 13, 2014 | Posted by jbgood | Gender: Female Sport Interest: Swimming Age: 65+

I swim a mile 3-4 times a week and use the ankle float for a third of it. I realized right away that I was putting more muscles to work than I had before, a really pleasant feeling. Not having to squeeze my legs together to hold onto a pull buoy, or to readjust its position, is another benefit. I'm working on breathing on both sides and using the ankle float helps me focus calmly on my practice. I very much recommend it.

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Good New Product

Oct 31, 2014 | Posted by Tim "CB" | Gender: Male Sport Interest: Triathlon Age: 25-34

This is am interesting new product. I bought it to use as a pull buoy and hhelp with the subconscious kick I have while pulling. Not only did it correct that problem due to it's location on the ankles but it also provides a much better workout than a pull buoy. Because of it's location far from the core this will NOT float your entire lower body like a pull buoy. This requires you to keep your core tight and engaged to prevent your midsection from sagging and prevent from "slithering" down the lane. This makes the pull sets more effective for your overall swim training and not just a recovery or paddle set. Really enjoy it.

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  • Q: So, if the ankle float is designed for someone under 155lbs wonder if you are bigger than that? How does that effect the performance of the float?

  • Q: What is the dimension & weight

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