TYR Pink Ultralite Snorkel

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Dive in with TYR as we continue to fight the battle against Breast Cancer. Every time you buy a TYR Pink product -- including the TYR Pink Ultralite Snorkel-- we donate up to $5.00 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Engineered with a teardrop shape and ultra, lightweight 180g construction, the swim snorkel allows you to focus solely on body alignment training by eliminating the head movements required for breathing.

Featuring durable, hypoallergenic DURAFIT silicone padding, the LSNRKLB provides a comfortable, watertight seal and maintains its shape over time. This TYR swim snorkel also features a one-way purge valve for clear, easy breathing, a sliding head piece for targeted positioning and a simple and secure release button for quick and easy strap adjustment. Meanwhile, a durable, silicone, removable mouthpiece allows for easy cleaning.

The TYR Pink snorkel won’t only help you swim great; it will make you feel great knowing you are raising awareness and hope for a cancer free future.

Includes two airflow restrictor valves (60% and 30%) to increase lung capacity.

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You have to get used to it.

May 28, 2015 | Posted by Enoch | Gender: Male Sport Interest: Swimming Age: 65+

I swim laps in my own small pool but can't take breaths mid lap. So I thought a snorkel might help. This product did the trick. Now I can breathe contnuously throughout my swim without having to stop to catch my breath. It took a little getting used to though. When I started out I had to consciously keep from breathing through my nose to keep water out. But after a while it became instinctive and there was no problem.

I'm not sure the on-line description makes it clear the way you wear the snorkel. The tube goes straight up from your mouth, between your eyes, to the water's surface. Not up the side of your head like a diver's snorkel. No problem. You can see the tube between your eyes but it doesn't interfere with your vision. The band that holds it in place goes around your forehead. It would help customers understand if there was a photo of somebody wearing one.

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