TYR Neoprene Freak of Nature Wetsuit

Triathlon 365

TYR have released a wetsuit made from Yamamotos neoprene #40. This type of neoprene stretches up to 40% further but comes at a cost of around ᆪ760 ($1200), almost double that of the current top brands premium triathlon wetsuits. Patches of aerate neoprene have also been added.

Established in 1985 TYR, pronounce tier and named after the Norse God of warriors, provide top quality triathlon and swimming clothing worn by the likes of tri champion Chrissie Wellington According to triathlon.competitor.com

The Freak of Natures paneling is is exactly the same as the Hurricane category 5 but beacause of the change in neoprene the fit will be slightly different with specifically placed sections of aerated neoprene on the thighs, hips and chest. TYR have even gone as far as using a thicker neoprene on the outside of the swimmers legs to aid balance as the triathlete rolls from side to side in the water.

The new suit is said to offer a complete complete range of motion by Chrissie Wellington herself while Andy Potts found the fit initially too tight but soon found the suit conformed to his body. In case you weren’t yet convinced the suit comes in a luxury wood, metal and rubber case along with an individual serial number assigned to the suit.

Responses online so far have applauded TYR for their ingenuity but many money concous tirathletes may find it difficult to justify the price tag and might relay on harder training and perfecting technique to get them to the front of the pack.