How to put on a men's tech suit

Technical Suits

Male tech suits are specially designed for swimmers competing at high levels of competition. The right size tech suit should have a tight fit, compressed feel and take time to put on.

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in ripping or tearing of the technical suit.

*Please note, the athlete is wearing a swimsuit underneath for this fit guide ONLY and will be putting on a TYR Avictor men's tech suit jammer.

Helpful Starting Tips

  • Gloves and plastic bags for the feet can be used to aid in dressing of men's tech suit.
  • Both the swimmer and the male tech suit should be dry at the start of this process.
  • Fingernails should be trimmed and smooth to avoid damage to the men's tech suit jammer.

Tech Suit Fitting


Step 1 Men's Tech Suit

To begin, flip over the waistband gripper and insert one foot at a time.


Step 2 Men's Tech Suit

Next, flip up the bottom leg grippers. This will make the suit easier to slip on.


Step 3 Men's Tech Suit

Raise the tech suit by pulling up, stopping just below the knee. Repeat for the second leg. Pull each suit leg over the knee until both are even.


Step 4 Men's Tech Suit

Slowly keep pulling up on each side of the suit until the legs are fully covered. This process may take several attempts/ minutes. At this point excess fabric from the suit body should be sitting on top of the thighs.


Step 5 Men's Tech Suit

Once the legs of the suit are in place, it is time to ease the suit over the hips/bottom. This too should take several attempts.


Step 6 Men's Tech Suit

After the suit has been pulled over each hip, take a moment to ensure that all seams align.


Step 7 Men's Tech Suit

Next, pull the center seams until they have been lifted as much as possible. They should be resting on the body.


Step 8 Men's Tech Suit

Adjust the draw cord inside the center front waist to your preference. Flip each leg gripper down and move freely. Lift the legs to ensure the suit is in place.


Step 9 Men's Tech Suit

Finally, enjoy your tech suit!


  • Male tech suits should only be worn during elite events and taken off in between races.
  • To begin, peel the tech suit off of your body, leaving it inside out as you go.
  • Remember to avoid using the fingernails when pulling off your suit.
  • Once the suit is off, turn it right-side out and follow care instructions.


  • Rinse immediately in cold water.
  • Avoid using bleach.
  • Do not iron.
  • Do not dry clean.
  • Lay the suit out at to dry.
  • Leaving a tech suit in the sun can lead to a more rapid breakdown of fabric. To ensure optimal shelf life, place your suit in the bag provided.