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Designed to provide athletes with a customizable training experience, the patent pending Catalyst Stroke Collection is available in seven size options and can be strung a variety of ways, making it an ideal choice for both lap and advanced swimmers. In addition to building upper body strength and improving technique, Catalyst Stroke paddles also give swimmers the greatest available range of resistance. So, every swim proves a challenge.

It is suggested that swimmers work with a variety of paddle dimensions. In utilizing a minimum of two sizes, athletes have the opportunity to elevate resistance without compromising technique. In addition, multiple options help to increase the versatility of regular training drills.

Isolates Trapezius

Isolates Deltoids

Isolates Infraspinatus

Isolates Lats

Isolates Triceps

Catalyst Stroke Size Chart

XX-Large Navy

X-Large Black

Large Blue

Medium Red

Small Fluorescent Yellow

X-Small Green

XX-Small Fluorescent Orange


The importance of having
multiple size options

Incorporating the use of different size hand paddles during drills, pulling sets and sprint-assisted swimming ensures a customizable resistance training program for athletes. Aside from helping to improve technique, the diverse range of size options available also helps swimmers to build stroke specific muscle strength. When shopping it is helpful to remember that the larger the paddle size, the more resistance you will feel as you swim.

Kelsi Dahlia

Olympic Gold Medalist, 11x World Championship Medalist, World and American Record Holder

For freestyle training I usually reach for the medium paddle. Then when I am working specifically on butterfly I will switch over to the small size.

Cody Miller

2x Olympic Medalist, 5x World Championship Medalist, American Record Holder

These paddles are easily now my all time favorite piece of swimming equipment. They're extremely durable, bendy and flexible, but they're not going to snap. The most important reason why I love them though is because when you use them it doesnt feel like your swimming with a tool, it feels like a natural extension of your arm. I can't say that about any other paddle. Generally, I use the smaller paddles for when I am doing more technical work so that I have more range of motion, and the larger paddles to pull more water when I am going for speed and power.

Jacob Pebley

2016 Olympian, 4x World Championship Medalist

When it comes to equipment training, I try to switch between two size paddles. For faster tempo swimming I'll reach for the medium paddles, and when I am working on gaining more length in my stroke I'll grab the large.





The various lacing options available with the Catalyst Stroke Paddle not only create a truly customizable fit, but also help athletes to simulate proper swimming hand position while comfortably improving their feel for the water.

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  • USA Waterpolo
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