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Men's Hurricane Freak of Nature Wetsuit

Style #: HFNM6A
Men's Hurricane Freak of Nature Wetsuit

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Speed Wrap Paneling

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TYR Freak of Nature ROM Zones

ROM Zones

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TYR Freak of Nature - V-GCP


Specifically designed grated catch panels flatten at the forearms to provide noticeably more distance per stroke.


UPF 50+ Protection

Effectively blocks ultraviolet (UV) radiation for safety during outdoor sun exposure

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Men's Hurricane Size Chart

Care & Fitting Guide

How to put on your Wetsuit - TYR Hurricane Tech Guide



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Men's Hurricane Freak of Nature Wetsuit

The pinnacle of wetsuit performance, the Hurricane Freak of Nature Wetsuit is constructed of 100% Yamamoto 40 Cell Neoprene. Featuring remarkable stretch-and-return capacity, "The Freak" (as we affectionately call it), has been referred to as an "Engineering Marvel" by the triathlon industry and is incomparably soft and pliant. WTC (Ironman) / USAT legal.