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TYR Hydroblade Fins

Style #: LFHYD
TYR Hydroblade Fins

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Hydroblade Fins - Angled Blade Surface

Angled Blade Surface

Designed to create upward kick resistance, the angled blade surface of our Hydroblade Fins help to ensure that athletes work hard to build power and proper technique in the upsweep of their kick.

Hydroblade Fins - Angled Blade Surface
Hydroblade Fins - Channel Side Rails

Channel Side Rails

Unique in design, these one-of-a-kind side rails work in tandem with the angled blade surface of the fin to amplify a swimmer’s power in the water. By increasing leg strength and capacity in the upsweep, TYR Hydroblade Fins significantly support athlete development.

Hydroblade Fins - Ribbed Foot Pocket

Ribbed Foot Pocket

Engineered to accommodate swimmers of all foot widths, the soft, rounded edges of our Hydroblade Fins reduce friction and ensure comfort in the foot cavity. Plus, signature ribs on each side of the pocket make our fins uniquely pliable.

Hydroblade Fins - Ribbed Foot Pocket
Hydroblade Fins - Heel Strap Design With Pull Tab

Heel Strap Design with Pull Tab

To allow for easy on/off wear and quick transitioning, each pair of Hydroblade Fins includes a unique heel strap design with convenient pull tab.

  • USA Swimming
  • USA Waterpolo
  • US Masters Swimming


TYR Hydroblade Fins

Engineered to promote short, quick movement through the legs and the feet, LFHYD fins help swimmers to create the natural flow of a flutter kick. With a 100% silicone construction and state-of-the-art comfort fit, the Hydroblade prevents athletes from feeling restricted as they move. In addition to an innovative heel strap design and convenient pull tab, each fin is also created with rounded edges to prevent discomfort in the fin’s foot cavity.