• 300+ Hours of performance
  • 100% Chlorine proof
  • 100% Colorfast
  • UPF 50+ Technology
Light, medium and maximum support sports bras, tanks & bottoms designed to perform in and out of the water
Designed for focused body alignment training   |   Lightweight 175g construction   |   Hydrodynamic tube shape   |   Durafit silicone padding   |   Speed adjustment   |   Sliding headpiece   |   Removable silicone mouthpiece   |   Cardio training cap set   |   One way purge valve

Tyr Womens

Regardless of activity, TYR is the brand people seek when they want to move. From the training block to the podium and back to the beach to stretch, our Women’s collection includes the fits, fabrications and prints every athlete needs for the water. Shop women’s swimwear, triathlon and sportswear today.

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